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An excerpt from my fanfiction, "Marshank"

Teagan perked her ears up at the sound of pawsteps approaching the compound door. “Hoi, otter!” Gurrad called. “What’re you doin’ standin’ ‘round ‘ere?”

“Nothin’, sire,” Teagan replied meekly. “Just waitin’ for my sister to come lead me inside.”

Gurrad looked furtively left and right, then drew close to the compound bars. “Lissen, otter, what d’ ye know about…” He paused, swallowed nervously, then whispered, “The flurjy twinj?”

Teagan’s sightless eyes widened in horror. “The flurjy twinj?” she repeated in a terrified whisper. “Why do you want to know?”

“Er, no reason,” the rat Captain replied hastily. “I was just wonderin’ if it was serious.”

“Serious?” said Teagan gravely. “I’ll tell you one thing, sire – I wasn’t born blind.”

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