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  • I live in your mind.
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is online -for a little bit :P
  • I am female
  • Dewface

    Dewfaces art page

    September 14, 2010 by Dewface
    drew for me. Thank you Rich!]] I think its pritty good, you?]] I didn't outline it with sharpie, this was before I started doing that.]] Read more >
  • Dewface

    Hello everybeast! I am the mighty Dewface and I am hosting a jolly celebrity talk show about animals who have made a mark in Redwall history! We will have gust stars and you may also contact me on my bally user page if you want to be a gust star, enjoy the show!

    Spoiler warning: read with care if you have not read: Triss

    "Hello chaps and chapesses! I am Dewface, the hairmaid everybeasts heard about! Today are our guests will be:Trisscar swordmaid, Grumm, Abbot Mortimor, and the legendary Asmoudeus!"


    Triss:"Hi everybeast! Oh come on! You don't have to applaud!"

    Asmoudeus:"Hello everybeassssst, ssssso nice to eat you!"

    Grumm:"Hello! Hurr! Oi beez gurtly plezed to see you'm"

    Abbot:"Oh hello Asmodeus! We're from the same book!"

    [applause fa…

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  • Dewface

    There was a great fire next to the abby pond for the nameday feast and allbeasts were gatherd 'round. It was the Spring of the flood, and Dewface was a great story teller and Abbess. "Oh Abbess Dewface, will you tell us a story?" a pritty mousemaid named Lavender asked the old hare. "ho yes, tell us 'un's a story!" The celler hog, Durry quill asked. "Oh no, Im to old a hare to tell storys wot." She replied. "Oh! Pleaze?" "No!!" "Come on, tell us a story!" "Waaaaaaa!!" Finally, she gave in. "Ok ok! thats enough! I'll tell a great story. the story of my life....."

    Dewface was taste testing the soup when The cook came busting in. "Naughty levret! get out!" "i'm not a levret doncha know."

    Said Dewface cooly. "Well I think you bally well are, ge…

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