• Deyna Swordmaid

    So this is my Fan-Fic about Deyna Swordmaid! Yeah,it's going to be short. If you read my User Page,you'll understand it better! Enjoy :)--Deyna Swordmaid

    In the middle of Mossflower Woods,is Redwall Abbey. With its tall red stone walls,no vermin can get in.
    Abbey Warrior Tagg was walking to a bedroom. In it on the bed laid a gold paw ring and a crimson colored bow. Tagg gave a long sigh when his sister Abbess Mhera came in.
    "Brother. What are you doing in here alone?"she asked with her sweet voice. He just looked at her,"This was where Deyna was born!"he said as he started to cry.
    The Abbess just sat next to him on the bed."I miss her too Tagg. But she went with Skip for a reason:to get revenge for Tiyel. Also she's just like you;alrights tryi…

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