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    Veil Sixclaw

    October 17, 2010 by Deyna the Mighty

    I really don't think that Veil is an evil creature. Despite the fact that he is not part of species that are generally good, I really do think that he is good. For example, the vermin Blaggut was a corsair and yet he killed his captain for his murder of the Badgermum, he found the courage (good beast trait is it not; vermin have no backbone,as the saying goes). Sixclaw was the son of Senior Sixclaw who was made captain of his horde because of his savagery and strength and cruelty so of course it took some time for the good to soak in. He tried to save Bryony: gratitude at the very least. Another good characteristic.

    Fenno, a shrew in Marlfox, out of pure spite killed Log-a-Log only for the measly reason for backing up Dippler. That really …

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    In her life story, Fwirl mentions she was attacked by foxes and she was thrust from the main action. When the vermin left she came out and saw her mother lying still with a deep head wound. When Botarus told Deyna a.k.a Tagg the story he told a very similar account plus that he had saved Madd and named her because she had gone mad from her wound. Could Madd be Fwirl's mother? Think about it.

    Both of the squirrels had deep head wounds when found by Boatarus and Fwirl respectfully. Both were attacked by foxes and by Botarus the addition of other vermin. Fwirl was inside a log so she would not have seen the vermin with her own eyes. Also, Fwirl did not mention whether was dead or not, just lying still. Deyna was not dead when Vallug shoot him …

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    Chapter 1

    At Redwall, momentous things were taking place. Zaran the Black had gotten her first grandchild. Skipper of Otters paced about the room nervously. "Come here." His son's voice had an urgent ring to it. He rushed to the crib. He saw an otter with dark sable fur like his wife with green eyes. She flicked her hand just above the babe's eye. He closed the eye and a blue lightning sign was completed that went up from his forehead to little below his eye. His son fell to the floor, face upturned and his eyes shining with happiness. "Taggerung!"

    Chapter 2

    Bloodfoam woke up from his nightmares inside of his fortress of the northlands, Graydeath. No he did not want to be a rat. Bloodfoam was powerful warrior. A wolf with handsome lustrous go…

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    Let's Fight!

    June 11, 2009 by Deyna the Mighty
    • This story is sort of a sequel to the first story I wrote so check that first. You will not understand anything if you do not.

    This story talks about alot of the redwall heroes with some of the conquerors: to make a fantastic blend. Also all the champions will have enhanced abilties.

    To see which heroes I should put I am going to post a poll on my page to see which heroes I should put. But some are mandatory for me but I am still going to see if you guys like them:

    • Martin the Warrior (of course)
    • Deyna (Tagg) like my username
    • Skippers
    • Not included in the poll:
    • some OCs
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    March 19, 2009 by Deyna the Mighty


    A grizzled stoat sat around a fire speaking to a young stoat; not quite a babe but still not an adult. "Tell me about Mossfover woods." "Hmmmm............" the old one. He began:

    Chapter 1 --- Redwall was humongous. But just as the name bespoke of something magical, so did the inhabitants. Well, they were not much different from a regular creature but the warriors who served Redwall were considered better skilled than the warriors then served under the mighty Lord Verduaga. But the line of Martin, the founding line, were special indeed. Taller than your average mouse and bigger, they had the lineage of mighty warriors and so it was in their very blood to be strong, tall, and powerful. Martin, grandson of Martin son of Mattimeo, was…

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