• Doven Galedeep
    It was a dark and snowy night in Mossflower. The wind was howling, the

    trees were shaking, and snow was flying around like bees around honey. There seemed to be only one pocket of warmth in this mighty blizzard, and that was in the Cavern Hole in Redwall Abbey. Animals of all ages were huddled around Cavern Hole's best armchair. In that armchair sat old Russel.

    "So, my friends, why have you called this old mouse down here?" The reply was deafening. "To read us the story!" "Oh! I was going to read that tonight?" "Yes!!!!"

    Russel decided that he should start reading. "Alright, Alright, you want to hear the story, so guess what?"

    "What, Mr. Wussel?" A tiny otterbabe piped up. "You're going to hear the story!"

    An excite…

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