• Drail the Warrior

    Drail The Warrior

    January 15, 2010 by Drail the Warrior

    THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED My sequel to The Bellmaker Enjoy!

    PS give me some advice if I need to improve.

    PPS ask me before you use my character(Drail)

        • -means end of chapter

    Chapter 1

    Extracted from the recordings of Abbot Saxtus

    It had been many seasons since the freeing of Southsward,and the defeat of Urgan Nagru. Mariel had married Dandin and had a son named Drail,he was a quiet young one not unlike me when I was young he has no shortage of friends however! He's friends with Jeet the young otter son of Skipper and,Maggie the harvest mouse.Enough about Drail you will want to know about our upcoming feast The Feast of the Returning Patrol!Yes the Long Patrol has returned and with bigger stomachs than ever before I didn't think we will have enoug…

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