• Ejaxk The Abyss

    Lezar Gerrot

    Species: Rat

    Size: Fat an' squatty

    Fur: Tan-brown

    Weapons: Crescent-Cutter, Shamshir, meteor hammer, gerot wire

    Attire: Go nuts

    Oddities: ?

    More later.

    As for now, I'm tired, and I need to wake up in....6 or 7 hours.

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  • Ejaxk The Abyss


    April 12, 2010 by Ejaxk The Abyss


    Species: Lynx

    Size: Average

    Fur: Greyish brown


    Attire: Baron's Cloak, Red tunic, black shorts

    Oddities: Bright Yellow eyes


    Species: Hedgehog

    Size: Less than average, but not small

    Fur: Bright Blue headspike tips, blue headspikes, brown fur

    Weapons: Zhuge crossbow

    Attire: Look at Copp's Pic

    Oddities: His fur? Duh.


    Species: Wildcat

    Size: Tall and somewhat thick

    Fur: bright gold

    Weapons: N/A

    Attire: Green shawl, purple skirt, lighter green shirt

    Oddities: Extremely soft forepaws


    Species: Marlfox

    Size: Small and wiry

    Fur: Deepest gray

    Weapons: Seer's Stave ( I'll show you next time)

    Attire: Gray Seer's Cowl, jingly b…

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  • Ejaxk The Abyss


    March 9, 2010 by Ejaxk The Abyss

    It was very dark in the deep dungeons of Bargate Prison. Situated on Bargate Isle, the nearest town was 30 miles away, across the desert. From the constant dripping noise coming from the ceiling, to the constant odor of rust, Bargate Prison was barely livable. Damp, musty and dangerous, only the most horrible of criminals were sent there. Cannibals, strapped to the walls to stop them from eating each other, genocidist foxes with long, curving scars, and insane warlords graced its spartan cells.

    In Cell Block C stood Ragtail, a seasoned fox guard. Cell Block C consisted of a large room with two floors; on the bottom, cages big and small. On the top, walkways all around the room for guards to patrol across. At the north corner of Block C stoo…

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  • Ejaxk The Abyss

    Ejaxk's Lineage

    March 9, 2010 by Ejaxk The Abyss

    Ok, before you read this, keep in mind it's eventual descndants, not direct. X amount of seasons go by between couples.




    | Bane+ O'Faran |

    Reynard+ Natmin




    Urgan + Silvamord


    Farran + Anzer

    / \ | *

    Slagar + Samantha


    Rasconza+ Ka-Barra


    Vendace+ Babarel


    Ruggan + Ermath


    Skrodd + Freeta


    Windy +  ?


    Vizka + Ziranna


    Frass + Kisala


    Ejaxk + ?

    | Monocaros

    * |

    Kavar+ Slitthroat Lara+Jagfang

    | | | | Bloodfang+ Felincia

    Stella| | Ivar+ Sela /

    | /--------|

    Slagar+ Samantha

    | |

    Salamao & Sahar

    (Different Litter) Selound

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  • Ejaxk The Abyss

    Good - Bad


    Supreme: Lord Coldstrype the Scythe - Scraggy

    Stealth: Ejaxk The Abyss - Turnicus Daskar

    Strength: Admalo The Collossus - Bruno

    Scare Tactics: Skulded The Edge - Scraggy(He plays both roles)

    Naval: Steel-Tooth Slicewind - Slawn "Castille" Raptooth

    Aerial: Kryshtickov The Eclipse - TBA

    Infantry: Copperjaw the Hunter & Ironbuck the Silver - Arklor the Invincible

    Transports: TBA - Silverbow Slipstream


    Supreme: Evamek - Lezar Gerrot

    Stealth: Dagger Slipstream - The Duke Of Blades

    Strength: Golaris the Stave - The Duke of Judgements

    Scare Tactics: Lara Skyfall - The Duke of Nothing

    Naval: Semajor Waverider - The Heartless Duke

    Aerial: Talon Strudwick - The Flying Duke

    Infantry: Jamoy Pendle - The Endless Duke


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