Species: Lynx

Size: Average

Fur: Greyish brown


Attire: Baron's Cloak, Red tunic, black shorts

Oddities: Bright Yellow eyes


Species: Hedgehog

Size: Less than average, but not small

Fur: Bright Blue headspike tips, blue headspikes, brown fur

Weapons: Zhuge crossbow

Attire: Look at Copp's Pic

Oddities: His fur? Duh.


Species: Wildcat

Size: Tall and somewhat thick

Fur: bright gold

Weapons: N/A

Attire: Green shawl, purple skirt, lighter green shirt

Oddities: Extremely soft forepaws


Species: Marlfox

Size: Small and wiry

Fur: Deepest gray

Weapons: Seer's Stave ( I'll show you next time)

Attire: Gray Seer's Cowl, jingly beads, gray skirt

Oddities: Can enter enemies mind and make travel the River Of Sorrow


Species: Badger

Size: Very Large, even for a badger

Fur: Black with gray stripes

Weapons: Twin Scythaxes

Attire: Brown tunic, gray breastplate, black pauldrons, gray tasset

Oddities: ?


Species: Fox

Size: Lithe and average height

Fur: Grey with tan areas


Attire: Dark yellow bandana, tan scarf, dark blue tunic and pants

Oddities: Likes to freefall from birds


Species: Badger

Size: Large all around

Fur: Grey with black stripes

Weapons: Night-stick, Drugan( heavier night-stick on metal chain)

Attire: Brown tunic, black dress or skirt

Oddities: Tom-boyish, good friends with Ejaxk


Species: Skunk

Size: average

Fur: dark black with grey stripes

Weapons: Ballistas, trebuchets, arbalest, zhuge crossbow

Attire: Black pauldrons, greaves, and breastplate, gray tunic and slacks

Oddities: ballistician


Species: Salamander

Size: larger than average

Scales: dark red


Attire: black wide-brimmed hat, orange tunic, no pants

Oddities: Fleet Bosun

Ok, I'll post more later.

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