Good - Bad


Supreme: Lord Coldstrype the Scythe - Scraggy

Stealth: Ejaxk The Abyss - Turnicus Daskar

Strength: Admalo The Collossus - Bruno

Scare Tactics: Skulded The Edge - Scraggy(He plays both roles)

Naval: Steel-Tooth Slicewind - Slawn "Castille" Raptooth

Aerial: Kryshtickov The Eclipse - TBA

Infantry: Copperjaw the Hunter & Ironbuck the Silver - Arklor the Invincible

Transports: TBA - Silverbow Slipstream


Supreme: Evamek - Lezar Gerrot

Stealth: Dagger Slipstream - The Duke Of Blades

Strength: Golaris the Stave - The Duke of Judgements

Scare Tactics: Lara Skyfall - The Duke of Nothing

Naval: Semajor Waverider - The Heartless Duke

Aerial: Talon Strudwick - The Flying Duke

Infantry: Jamoy Pendle - The Endless Duke

Transports: Alozor Waverider - Engar Waveraider


Supreme: Coldstrype the Scythe - Flamewyte

Stealth: Mannik Sharpstickle & Copperjaw the Hunter - Korianne

Strength: Ironbuck the Silver - TBA

Scare Tactics: Skulded Dethblo - N/A

Naval: N/A - N/A

Aerial: N/A - N/A

Infantry: N/A - N/A

Transports: TBA - TBA

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