• Elip S. Quire

    Club Redwall

    January 4, 2010 by Elip S. Quire

    Club Redwall is a fan club made in honor of the Redwall Series and for the enjoyment of all who love them. It was started in mid 2009 by Riveneye. The original name, however was World of Redwall and the site was with the forums on The change came along when, months after the start of World Of Redwall, Riveneye (Riven as his nickname goes)sought to make his club the best that it could be. To do this, he needed to find someone with a partial wealth in digital and drawing abilities. This someone was Elip S. Quire. A friend that Riven had had on another Redwall club called DAB. Elip joined World of Redwall as an admin. on October 30th 2009 and soon after the nameā€¦

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