• Eloise the Scholar

    The sun’s last rays splayed themselves over the low rolling hills of Eyrg. To the east, the sea was dark and gloomy, with only the rhythmic slapping of waves on the shore there to betray its presence.

    Eyrg was a quite normal town, located on the coast. It was very secluded, aloof in a way; the inhabitants had no desire to learn of news outside of their homes. This may have been what led to Eyrg’s downfall.

    Most men were fishermen, though some traded with the eastern islands in their heavily crewed, flat-bottomed ships. The large crews were a precaution, for it was known that great creatures lurked in the deep waters off the coast. It was said, though never confirmed, that entire ships had been capsized by a single of the sea-dwelling behemot…

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