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February 7, 2009
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    Veil's Legacy

    February 8, 2009 by Emerlis Ligamenta

    The young squirrel entered the Recorder's room. Her eyes roved around the room and rested on a much older squirrel.
    "I have the book here, Brother Sagil. Tales of Green Isle." Brother Sagil smiled.
    "I knew you could do it, Emerlis," He said. "Let me have a look."
    The tome was thick, with burgundy covers. On the front there was the words: Tails of Green Arls. Sagil looked up, a question in his eyes.
    "Recorder Ish, who compiled this book, came from a far-off place called Lowmoon. At Lowmoon, all words are spelt as they are pronounced." Sagil raised his brows. "You'll make a good librarian, Emerlis. You know more than I do. Shall we begin?"
    "Yes," said Emerlis, and began to read.

    Tiria Wildlough glanced at Leatho Shellhound. Around them, their son …

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