• Emma the Fierce

    Battle cries filled the air at the western shore. The great mountain, Salamandastron, was under attack by the great Noraina Longclaws; this beauty wanted the mountain, and she was winning it.

    The hares of the mountain fought with all they got; the young ones and elders where moved to a cave deep below. Lord Deathstripe hurried his wife, Lady Syain, down to it. "Hurry Syain, you must protect Emma and the young ones down there. Help the elders, and keep them all hidden." he said, pushing aside the rock at the opening.

    Little hares and older hares looked at their scared badger lord. The once mighty ruler Deathstripe was losing his mountain to the wildcat queen. His only weapons were a long sword, to be carried only by a badger like him, and his…

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