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    The woodlands during a storm were not a place for a squirrelmaid to be, as Fae Bowsong found out while scurrying through the damp clumps of leaves in the swirling wind. She leaped gracefully from bough to bough, searching for a place to land up and stay for the night. Her keen pale blue eyes soon picked out a hiding space in the hollow of a nearby elm. Sliding in, she lay upon the dry leaves packed inside and peeked out, watching for the bird of prey who was chasing her. The frustrated screech of a falcon greeted her long ears as she ducked down and attached an arrow to the bow she carried. The big bird landed right outside the hollow, gripping the sturdy branch and his wild eyes searched through the rain for his wily and agile prey.


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  • Eulaliaaaa!

    This is a song that is sung to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. If you haven't read all the Redwall books, beware, there be spoilers afoot in here. I hope you enjoy it! Here goes!

    Verse 1

    Cluny’s crushed by a bell,

    Tsarmina’s in the well.

    Slagar drowned, Gabool’s down

    Feragho got owned.

    Klitch committed suicide

    Badrang’s chillin’ with the tide

    Foxwolf failed, no more Veil

    Swartt is food for crows

    Martin took out Ublaz

    Just like the book says

    Damug’s dead, Mokkan’s head’s

    Tastier than Reeses

    Daskar’s lashed to the wheel

    Trunn’s back is now an eel

    Rath was stoned, Kurda’s own

    Sword cut her to pieces


    Don’t Mess With Redwall Abbey.

    All the Vermin leaders thought that they could beat her

    Don’t Mess With Redwall Abbey

    They never learned th…

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  • Eulaliaaaa!

    What would happen if the Brownrat horde decided to give Kurdley a wee surprise for breakfast? Read on and please don't die laughing. I could get sued.

    The Brownrat horde were getting sick of toting round the fat rat everybeast called Gruntan Kurdley. The litter bearers were especially sick of the enormous weight of the litter pressed into their backs every time of the season. The rest of the horde followed behind the litter, talking amongst themselves. One horde member muttered to another.

    "I tell ye mate, ole Kurdley's heavier than an oak nowadays. 'Ow in the name of Vulpiz did this moron get to be Chief round 'ere?" His friend shook his head.
    "Wonders never cease, eh mate? To answer yore question I have no clue. 'E ain't even all that scary…
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  • Eulaliaaaa!
    Over the seas
    Some will agree
    There is a land so grand
    Deep in the North
    Twixt taverns and port
    Lay the bonnie Highlands
    Winds blowing cold
    Through days of old
    When a ship of evil came
    And aboard that boat
    Came a big stoat
    Oh curse that vermin's bad name
    Our families slain
    To the villain's gain
    He took all our young ones away
    When northward arrived
    A warrior so fine
    Her name feared by the vermin of the the main
    This is the tale
    Of a night in the gale
    That brought the young lass to our land
    This story is true
    Her story's for you
    And other friends of the Highlands

    -Song of Marinya

    The Highlands were a place of great beauty to most creatures who could tolerate the harsh winter cold and winds. Nowadays it was a land ruled by the stoat named Plathe the Bane. He was bi…

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    Just Another Crossover

    February 22, 2010 by Eulaliaaaa!

    Author's Note: Hello everyone! I'ma back! I just thought that since I've been gone for such a long time, that I should entertain you with another parody. So this crossover parodies the exploits of Martin verses Tsarmina the Cat Who Hates Water. Enjoy!

    It was a long midsummer's day and the sun was ruthlessly berating the wildcat Tsarmina. She had been particularly upset today as Gingivere, her adorable brother, had escaped and as a joke, Gonff the mousetheif had stolen her rugs so she couldn't destroy them anymore (much to the relief of whoever supplied those rugs in the first place.) She patrolled the borders of her castle as the Skipper and his crew would shoot water balloons at her whenever she’d cross over and she wondered how much longe…
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