• Evil Fox Warlord

    A stoat lay lazily near the fire, smiling up at the stars. "Wot's new, mate?" A ferret strolled over to him. "Oh, the usual, Green, the usual" The ferret grinned. "Wot's usual?" Northstarr, the stoat, laughed at his friend. "The wind's blowin', the air's cold, the fire's dyin',Urthtail's snoring `er `ead off" Feris, the ferret, pushed Northstarr playfully. "Oh, yeah, well I `eard yore sis's drunk agin" Northstarr looked around. "Huh?" Feris chuckled into his paw. "Ha, jus' jokin', but I'll see ya in the mornin', we'll be movin' out soon, Vison's orders" The stoat winked roguishly at his pal, "Well, good night"


    Captain Greff Burnside Swordborn Mcgul looked out the window at the sea. He sighed. Too quiet. Unusual for sea vermin to not be n…

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  • Evil Fox Warlord

    Bane Slytung

    Gender: Male

    Species: Fox

    Weapons: Knives and curved sword

    Place of origin: Southsward

    Appears: Bane Slytung, the scourge of Southsward

    Age: 25 seasons

    A fox warlord with a dangerous temper, he takes over Castle Floret and after his war general, Renard, says that Redwall's southern wall has a fault, he orders diggers to go there immediately. Thus starts the siege of Redwall. He is a sly, handsome fox who is known for having a quickly changing temper. One minute he could be laughing with his soldiers, the next minute he could be tearing out every whisker and bit of fur he can get his claws on.

    Chief Grinner

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  • Evil Fox Warlord

    A tall fox stands outside of his mighty fortress, once castle Floret. With his mighty army, nothing gets in his way. Because of him, not a single free squirrel was left in Southsward. His high general, Renard, exited the castle to speak with him."My lord, may I tell ya somethin'?" Bane Slytung turns around to speak to the other fox. "What, Renard?" The smaller fox smiles. "We know `ow ta capture the red building." Bane plays with one of his daggers, twirling it for awhile, waiting for his general to continue. Renard chuckles happily and speaks again. "There is a fault in the stones' walls, m'lord. If we dig beneath it, it may fall." Bane smiles evilly. "Interesting, Renard, interesting. Bring me Badeye so we may put this plan in action.…

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