• EvilcanadaVI

    "Skipper, I still don't think this is a good idea......"

    "What other choice do we 'ave?" Skipper said, turning to the mouse next to him. the big otter sighed.

    "I know how ye feel, Marius. I don't trust him either, but it was th' Abbot's choice, and we will just 'ave to go along with it. He is our last hope."

    The mousemaid was about to answer, when skipper held up his paw for silence. "We're here."

    Marius looked up. it was a Plateau, covered in rocky outcrops and with large ammounts of vines and ivy growing on its sides. Skipper shouldered his haversack and began to climb. Marius sat down to wait for him.

    When Skipper made it to the top of the Plateau, he looked arround. he could just barely see Redwall from his vantage point. He sighed, and wal…

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