• Fainnen

    Tales of Honor

    August 13, 2010 by Fainnen

    File:Fort Iceblood.jpg| 350px|center

    It was early Spring in Redwall, so early that the Abbot had yet named the season. And old bankvole, his fur gray-white with age, sat in an enormous armchair, snoring lightly inside the dark and cluttered gatehouse. Dust was everywhere which, had it been winter, could almost have been mistaken for snow. An air of scholarly peace pervaded the air, until a leveret poked his head in the door and said, disappointed, “Th’old buffer’s asleep, wot! What’ll we do now?”

    A squirrelmaid pushed her way into the dim room. “We wake ‘im up, silly.” She took a running jump and landed in the old beast’s lap. He awoke with a start.
    “What’re ye doing, wakin’ yore elders in such shocking a manner?” He asked, not seeming partic…

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  • Fainnen

    Redwall Path

    February 26, 2010 by Fainnen

    As I've said on my user page, I'm a member of Redwall Path. It's a fairly new Redwall RP site, ^^. Originally, it was called Redwall Ford, but after a while, all the admins left and it went, frankly, dead. Tommyspud and Fierce, two of the more computer competent members of RF, created our new site, in late August of 09. Tommy, being a college student, went inactive after the college semester began. Fierce stayed being adminly, until about January, when she had to go inactive, too.

    Elip, Fwiffle, and I were kind of sub-admins, and started adding new things. Currently, we have some monthly contests going on, and I'm running a character development activity every two weeks. We also have a special reward site going on, but that's not very publ…

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