Recently I obtained a copy of the Redwall Map and Riddler. This map is excellent and welcome addition to my Redwall collection which is rapidly increasing.

I am still reading The Taggurung and I'm trying to track Tag's journey with the map. I'm a little confused though because I only started tracking the journey since he reached the flatlands on his way to the mountains where he meets the mouse Nimbalo the Slayer.

Going to the map to locate the flatlands I see that there is a major section of what is labeled flatlands between the south eastern shorelines (where the Juska camps are located) and the Mossflower Woodlands. So I assumed this is these were the flatlands that Tag was traveling, so I assumed a Sth direction but that can't be right. I see that the mountains are located north, with the shrew caves (which I'm assuming that's where he met those shrews underground?) just before reaching the moutains, but I see no indication of flatlands, unless flatland is just literal flatland between the woods and the mountains and not indicated on the map.

Does anyone know which direction Tag was traveling Nth or Sth? I've probably just confused myself. I'm guessing its Nth.

--FerretPatrol 23:16, September 28, 2011 (UTC)

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