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  • Ferretmaiden

    So, i've been hearing several complaints about the whole: "Brian Jaques's Sable quean stunk! why can't he come up with anything original? is he just gonna use the same plot line over and over?" sorta stuff.


    There have been several books which have nothing to do with becoming abbey warrior.


    High Rhulain (book)


    The Sable Quean

    The Legend of Luke

    The Bellmaker

    The Long Patrol (book)

    Outcast of Redwall

    these all have a plot line which is not about some drifter becoming abbey warrior!

    whether you think the Sable Quean is lame or not is a matter of opinion, but i can say this:

    The Sable Quean was much better than just a villian taking over the abbey and someone becoming abbey warrior. The villian was clever, and hat…

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  • Ferretmaiden

    okay, we all know that Rose died, but there is a question I have thought about often..What if Martin had died and Rose had lived? would she have gone off vowing never to return again and have become the warrior of Redwall? or would she have returned to Noonvale, Redwall, thus, never being shaped, Tsarmina never being vanquished, the woodlanders slaves of the vermin? or if she did vow never to return, going a different path, and not going into Mossflower, and Redwall still never to have become? or would she have gone to Mossflower and have saved the woodlanders from Tsarmina, and becoming Rose the warrior, but all the atrociaties Matthias had to go through to find the stupid sword (he takes a whole book! c'mon!)would not have had to pass u…

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  • Ferretmaiden

    Note: this story will not be updated until Ferretmaiden can get a hold of a copy of "Martin the Warrior" at her local library...

    What if Celandine had a younger sister? What if Felldoh Loved the sister instead? these questions shall be answered..soon

    The cart rolled along the rough path, bumping and jostling. Everyone strong enough to push or pull pitched in. they were going uphill after all, and needed all the help they could get. Jax was a pusher. She flinched as sharp pebbles dug into her tender young feet, but she kept on walking, straining against the wagon. The Rambling Rosehip Players where always traveling somewhere or another. Jax looked up, seeing her sister, Celandine, right next to her, pushing with all her dainty might. Who knew…

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  • Ferretmaiden

    Redwall Parodies

    June 25, 2009 by Ferretmaiden

    i have found stuff on movies, comic books, from other people and from my own mind. can you find anything you recognize? this is made for you to laugh so if anyone is insulted please let me know! thank you!--Ferretmaiden 18:15, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

    • photographers have found out how cluny managed to recruit for his horde! close-ups saw these words on t-shirts that Cluny forced his horde to wear: JOIN CLUNY'S HORDE. WE HAVE COOKIES
    • MAUDIE to OZBIL: (MAUDIE): Brown rats 2 o clock! Brown rats 2 o clock! (OZBIL): GREAT! *looks at Watch* What do we do till then?
    • (BABY RAT): daddy why did you just shoot that mouse? (FATHER RAT) cause this is war son!(BABY RAT) daddy why are you laying down? daddy why are you sleeping? daddy?*shakes FATHER RAT* daddy?
    • (ST…
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  • Ferretmaiden

    Folgrims Past

    June 9, 2009 by Ferretmaiden

    It was everywhere. It splattered the grass, it covered the ground, and it turned the stream red. Blood…. Folgrim woke with a start. Just a dream, a nightmare. As he pulled his tunic on he thought hard. This was the third time in a row he had had this dream. Was there more to the blood? Was it something in his past, or was it something that would come true? He shuddered. Maybe it was both. Folgrim stared out his one good eye at the room surrounding him. It was filled with beds, all with sleeping Abbey dwellers. He smiled as he saw a tiny squirrel babe sleeping peacefully in a bed which made the babe look smaller than reality. Folgrim felt a pang of envy. They could all sleep without worry of dreams haunting they’re waking moments. He steppe…

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