okay, we all know that Rose died, but there is a question I have thought about often..What if Martin had died and Rose had lived? would she have gone off vowing never to return again and have become the warrior of Redwall? or would she have returned to Noonvale, Redwall, thus, never being shaped, Tsarmina never being vanquished, the woodlanders slaves of the vermin? or if she did vow never to return, going a different path, and not going into Mossflower, and Redwall still never to have become? or would she have gone to Mossflower and have saved the woodlanders from Tsarmina, and becoming Rose the warrior, but all the atrociaties Matthias had to go through to find the stupid sword (he takes a whole book! c'mon!)would not have had to pass unless Rose took Martin's sword with her as a reminder of him... or the other alternative, she went to Mossflower, but was unable, or unwilling to take on Tsarmina? these are all possible...

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