So, i've been hearing several complaints about the whole: "Brian Jaques's Sable quean stunk! why can't he come up with anything original? is he just gonna use the same plot line over and over?" sorta stuff.


There have been several books which have nothing to do with becoming abbey warrior.


High Rhulain (book)


The Sable Quean

The Legend of Luke

The Bellmaker

The Long Patrol (book)

Outcast of Redwall

these all have a plot line which is not about some drifter becoming abbey warrior!

whether you think the Sable Quean is lame or not is a matter of opinion, but i can say this:

The Sable Quean was much better than just a villian taking over the abbey and someone becoming abbey warrior. The villian was clever, and hated, and her death was satifactory (if redundant) and the dibbuns being stolen was a very good idea.

plus, Brian Jaques cannot go on and write redwall forever. he is a human being just like everyone else, who can have low inspiration in his writing. he will probably end the series soon, and there is not enough ideas for Redwall that he hasn't tried.

before you criticize the Sable Quean, I want you all to ask yourselves, even Challenge yourselves:

Can You Do Better?

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