• Fiona Fox


    June 24, 2010 by Fiona Fox


    The white blizzard outside howled and moan against the grayish-black castle walls; the red colored windows shut out the cold air as every beast was kept warm inside. The long corridors were just as dark as their walls and the guards shivered as air came in through the cracks. At of all the enormous rooms in the fortress, only a single fireplace was built in and it was glowing brightly. The dancing yellow and orange flame illuminated the large room, and a large chair was placed in front of it. The strongly built vixen stared at the fire, the flame reflected on her brown eyes. Her pointed ears twitched as she listened to her guards outside the oak door; they were gloating about how far she's fallen. From a greatly fear…

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  • Fiona Fox

    A Vixen at Sea

    January 9, 2010 by Fiona Fox

    Clang! Clash! Sssssssshhhhhhing!

    The battle ragged on board Saltblood's deck. The fox and stoat lunged out at each other without showing a signal of fatigue; their blood was rushing and minds were racing. The male fox held his sword in a defensive style, ready for the stoat's next move. The crew had made a oval around the two, mouths wide in shock and shouting out encouragement to either their crew partner Qadir or their longtime leader Captain Walt the Bloodless.

    "Slice orf' his tail Cap'n!"

    "Let'em have it Qadir! Use tha' sword fin'!"

    "Rememba' what you'r fightin' fa Qadir!"

    Qadir looked at the stoat with blood in his eyes; he knew what he was fighting for. For his daughter. With a yell of confidence and determination, the fox brought down his…

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