• Firtha the Hood

    The Reapers' Shed

    January 8, 2010 by Firtha the Hood

    '(Thanks go to all people who were nice to me when I first came here. Special thanks go to Bluestripe for his ideas of a fan fiction!)

    The Reapers were a not just a ruthless army of vermin; they were a legend of ruthless vermin. The legend of Reapers went far in time, before Redwall Abbey was built. It started when a stoat attacked a woodland area with harsh force; the rest was history. The leader of The Reapers now it a young weasel, named Clund. But he wasn't much of a leader, Clund always got bullied for leadership, but he had his best fighter go for him.

    Firtha was a quite cat, black at the poison on the tip of a dart. She never liked talking, will sit in the shadows of tree for cover, but listened in on everyone's conversation. The blackā€¦

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