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    This is an "essay" - more of just a listing - in which I have analyzed the patterns of dynamics between the various antagonists and vermin leaders in Brian Jacques' Redwall series. So, starting right out:

    Jacques is finding his ground here, so there aren't any discernible patterns...yet.

    • with Redwall. There's really only one bad guy of any significance in this one: Cluny the Scourge. The first Redwall book is unique in several ways, one of which is the way [i]everything[/i] revolves around its central villain. There are some minor villain subplots, mostly involving Cluny's captains duking it out for second-in-command (Cheesethief, Redtooth, Darkclaw, Fangburn, [[Scragg] etc.), but compared to what's going to come later, they're trivial. Asmod…

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  • FlinkyTheStoat

    Brian Jacques' seventeenth entry into the Redwall series, entitled Loamhedge, is not among the most popular. It has been derided for many reasons: having a weak main villain in Raga Bol, a rather shallow protagonist in Lonna Bowstripe, an utterly implausible and cheesy plot twist with Martha Braebuck suddenly regaining the ability to walk, and not living up to its title and providing more significant background information about Loamhedge Abbey - which, after all, is a Redwall Abbey precursor, the old home of Abbess Germaine and important for Redwall history. I'm sure I wasn't the only one expecting a story that actually took place in Loamhedge Abbey, rather than its ruins. So I'll agree that Loamhedge is not among Jacques' best entries.

    But the…

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