• Fox Maiden

    Two foxes laid on their backs, looking up and the clear sky through a break in the Mossflower trees. One, a beautiful white furred young female, pushed over her orange male friend.

    "Whatcha push me for?" moaned the male with his eyes still closed.

    "You were laying on my hair!" she said as she pushed him again.

    He smirked. "Well, sorry if I was." he muttered. His black keen ears twitched as a twig broke under a beast's paw. He sat up, so did the female. A tough looking stoat and his crew appeared through the bushes.

    "Haha, look at the foxy couple. Aww, lover birds! Heehee, get'em boys!" ordered the stoat. The rats closed in around them.

    "Tak, ruinin I young gal's sleep! That's bad manners to a lady needin her beauty sleep."

    "Shut it Londa! We're …

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