• Freedom the Warrior

    (This is after Triss, by Freedom the Warrior)

    Princess Daina of the Pure Ferrets sat in her cabin of the ship The Pure One, and was totally bored. She is the only Pure Ferret left in world and she rules with foxes at her side. Daina got out of the cabin and looked at the horizon;a island.
    "Set course for that island! We getting more slaves now!"she said, holding a axe. Princess Daina of the Prue Ferrets was coming....!

    Gawain, a mouse from the sea, sat conversing with his tribe of seamice. Gawain wasn't just leader because of him the eldest, he also the strongest. He's tribe sat in a cave at the North Shores and they all care for their tribe's beast.
    But one young mouse didn't care for no one. Freedom, a mouse to Sleeve and Kroova the riverdogs, …

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