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    Well, here it is people, the better, longer, and...anyway, the rewrite of my previous story, Fren's Quest. It has the same title and characters, but I've revised the plot a little bit and actually decided to give it a timeline! Heh.

    This takes place seasons after The Sable Quean.

    I never thought I would live to see the day when a vermin would step out of the shadows of evil and into the light of good.

    Ever since I was a babe, I always associated vermin as evil, treacherous scum with no greater desire than to vanquish all goodbeasts. After all, a popular saying here at Redwall Abbey goes: “The only good vermin is a dead one.”

    Seasons upon seasons before I was born, a vast vermin horde known as the Ravagers, led by a sable known as Vilaya, h…

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    October 17, 2009 by Frentiza the ferret

    So after Meeka made the Klitchette thingy on the Redwall Wars Wikia, I found my Klitchette's story so intruiging that I decided to make a fanfic out of it.  It's sort of like a companion to The Bellmaker and Salamandastron, and I'm letting other users in this, so sign on my user page if you want to be in it.  Thanks, and I hope you like!



    Chaos.  Screams.  Clashing of weapons.  My dear friend, Klitch, vanishing in the fray.  His father, the Assassin, crushed by that great badger lord, supposedly killed.  Vermin charging into the fire mountain, to take it by force, being fought back by hares; perilous mountain hares, or something.  The horde...they're all falling down around me.  There is sea…

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    BE PREPARED BEFORE READING, THIS CONTAINS TONS OF SPOILERS FOR SOME OF THE BOOKS. (Namely, Redwall, Mattimeo,Mossflower, Martin the Warrior, Marlfox, Triss, and all the books with the Painted Ones.)

    There's this book I've read once entitled Swordbird. It was written by an adolescent like myself and was a fiction about,well, birds. The one thing that struck me about the book the most was the uncanny similarity it bore with the Redwall series. The basic plot was: some evil hawk arrives in the forest, starts capturing woodbirds and making them his slaves. This hawk antagonist commands a horde of more than fivescore crows and ravens. Sound familiar? Even into the first three chapters, I began to wonder if the author had ever read Redwall a…

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