• Frog2132
    The Chronicles of Luke the Second

    Gonth the Badger was the first to sight the storm. A male, with a stripe of pure black on his head, he carried a gigantic war axe, which he used to point at the clouds so the mice on board could see. "There! That cloud!" Shouts rang out across the deck of the great ship Mouseflight as the sails unfurled. Gonth ran to the captain's cabin as the craft began to rock back and forth in the violent, foaming water. Suddenly, the sky was blotted out by a huge wave, bigger than the whole ship. "Abandon ship!" But it was too late. The wave crashed down like a sword. timber snapped and cloth ripped, as the storm finally came to an end in the middle of the North Sea.

    "Dinner!" Luke ran inside the gate and dashed into Caveā€¦

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