• Fwirl

    Fwirl's Tale

    April 12, 2009 by Fwirl
    In Mossflower Woods was Redwall Abbey. The abbey young were running around and being bad.
    "Sit down,all of you!"yelled Fwirl,wife of Broggle and mother of Recorder Rosabel.
    "Rosabel,tell these young ones a story!"said Broggle.
    "Okay,lets see...."
    "Wait Rosabel,I have a story about my life to tell."said Fwirl as she toke a seat."My life was horrible in my younger years. I was a fighter;Fwirl The Fighter they called me!"
    All,young and old,sat around Fwirl to listen. The squirrelwife then started her tale;Fwirl's Tale.

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