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May 24, 2010
  • Gabool the Wild

    This is a Redwall song I made up while on vacation on Cape Cod. It goes to the tune of 'Her Majesty' by The Beatles. The words don't fit exactly, but I did my best. So here is The Ballad of Lonna Bowstripe by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Gabool the Wild:)

    Lonna Bowstripe, he's a pretty big guy, and he's got a great big bow,

    Lonna Bowstripe's hunting down Raga Bol with Garfo Trok in tow,

    Raga Bol, you'd better watch out, cause Lonna's on your trail,

    But Lonna Bowstripe didn't have to worry cause he used Raga Bol as a flail, used Raga Bol as a flail.


    Er, yeah, hope you liked it.

    Post comments below.

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  • Gabool the Wild

    Species:Hare. Weapons:Dual Sabers, Dagger, Shortbow. Origin:Salamandastron. Favorite Activities:Slaying Vermin, Eating. Badger Lord:Lonna Bowstripe Fascinating Facts:Captain Vennia is the son of Hortwill Braebuck and the hare Narcissus. He is one of the deadliest hares ever to come to Salamandastron. He also has a pet tortiose named Bill. Death:Adder Bite.

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  • Gabool the Wild

    All right, this is it. The most amazing discovery of all time. The secret that will make every Redwall geek's hair stand on end. The meaning behind the name Cluny the Scourge will be REVEALED!!(Lightning Flashes).

    In the year 909 A.D., a religious Abbey was founded. The name of this monestary was...Cluny Abbey! Brian Jacques sure knows his history.

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  • Gabool the Wild

    Boxing hares are referred to on occasion, such as Long Patrol hare Seargent Wonwill, and every time I hear the term boxing hare I roll my eyes. I mean really, you are running out to face a horde of bloodthirsty vermin who are armed to the teeth, fighting with nothing but your fists. Smart move. If I was in a battle I would either be crouching in a tree with a bow or heavily armored wielding a battleaxe, not boxing. Some boxing hares do carry other weapons like slings, but their main weapons are their fists, which, unless you are wearing spiked gauntlets, just won't cut it. So if you are a boxing hare, have your Badger Lord beat some sense into you and get some decent weapons.

    Post your opinions below.

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  • Gabool the Wild


    June 6, 2010 by Gabool the Wild

    I bet some people wonder why the badger dwelling of Brockhall and Lord Brocktree have the word brock in them, right? It is because in the Middle Ages, badgers were not called badgers. You guessed it. Badgers were called brocks.

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