This is a Redwall song I made up while on vacation on Cape Cod. It goes to the tune of 'Her Majesty' by The Beatles. The words don't fit exactly, but I did my best. So here is The Ballad of Lonna Bowstripe by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Gabool the Wild:)

Lonna Bowstripe, he's a pretty big guy, and he's got a great big bow,

Lonna Bowstripe's hunting down Raga Bol with Garfo Trok in tow,

Raga Bol, you'd better watch out, cause Lonna's on your trail,

But Lonna Bowstripe didn't have to worry cause he used Raga Bol as a flail, used Raga Bol as a flail.


Er, yeah, hope you liked it.

Post comments below.

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