• Galadriadhar

    One of the most controversial acts of the entire series is, in some opinions, the killing of Laterose, the daughter of Noonvale Chieftain Urran Voh, in the book Martin the Warrior. The book shows these two young mice, Martin the Warrior and Laterose, in a light that suggests a blossoming relationship. Throughout their adventures, from the Mirdops to the Gawtrybe, from Noonvale itself to the final confrontation, Martin is great friends with Laterose to the point of young love. In fact, the first time Martin sees Laterose (Rose), he is "thunderstruck." (pg 67) Adding to that mental image is the next description. "He stared silently into the most gentle hazel eyes that ever reflected starlight, lost for words as a quiet smile spread over the mou…

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