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    This is my third, and probably final, story about Beechtail, Maplefur, and Lutran. If you have not already read Two Swords; The Return of the Rapscallions and Two Swords; Descent, you probably should before reading this.

    I don't know how much time I will have to write when school starts, so updates will be very irregular. If you want to be updated, please say so in a comment.

    This story is dedicated to everyone who commented on my other stories, especially Skipper Rorc, because if he hadn't been commenting I probably wouldn't have finished the first one.

    Nettleclaw was not the only survivor of the day the second Great Rapscallion Army fell to the blades of the Long Patrol. There was another ferret; Bloodeye. He had been knocked unconsciou…

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  • Gandr Adderbane

    Two Swords; Descent

    February 16, 2010 by Gandr Adderbane

    Please read Two Swords; The Return of the Rapscallions before you read this, as this is a sequel. If anyone wants to be on an update list, say so in a comment.

    The mouse was sitting in a large circular cavern. He was not alone, around three or four score others sat around him in concentric circles. It was quite dark; the only illumination came from some phosphorescent lichen or moss that was growing on the wall, and also from a pair of strange, curved, blades on the mouse’s arms. They started at his elbows, and ended several inches past his hand. They were made of a clear glass-like material, and glowed with a pale light. All of the other mice in the cavern carried similar weapons, but unlike the center mouse’s, theirs were colored, a…

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  • Gandr Adderbane

    This is my first fan fiction blog, so tell me what you think.  The story takes place after Doomwyte.

    It was a typical cool spring night at Redwall Abbey. Most creatures were asleep, but Brother Dolon, the gatekeeper, was walking with old Abbot Thren near the orchard. Many seasons of peace had passed since the last vermin attack on Redwall. No one noticed a small black shadow slip over the battlements of the west wall. No one saw it slip into the gatehouse. Shortly the Abbot and Dolon finished their walk and bade each other goodnight. Dolon entered the gatehouse and took a drink from a mug of October Ale on the desk. He accidently knocked a book off the desk, and when he bent to pick it up, an arm reached out from behind a curtain and sprink…

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