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    I believe that B. J. used the wrong words to express his dislike of people telling him that he wrote things comparable to Lord of the Rings:

    "It really gets up my nose when publicists call my books 'Another Lord of the Rings.' I say, 'It's not another Lord of the Rings, it's my bloody book! It's my creation. I wrote it. And another thing, I didn't have to plunder Norse and European mythology to do it!'" Locus (November 1995)

    (I copied from the article about him)

    The words I disagree with are: "And another thing, I didn't have to plunder Norse and European mythology to do it!" - B.J.

    He should never have used the word "plunder" about how grounded Tolkien's works were in Germanic mythology. Tolkien never took away from the cultural richness of G…

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    How often should I update my story?

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    Tyranny's Shades

    February 22, 2009 by Gott wisst

    Hi, I hope you like this story, which I've taken the liberty to title Tyranny's Shades. Please do not correct spelling, only notify me (on my talk page) about what you believe to be spelling mistakes (I deliberately spelt "tiger" as "tyger"). Gott wisst Gott Wisst's talkpage 04:49, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

    Stánclá, a great, black tyger, snuck with unmatched stealth through the dark streets of the City of Hass.

    A patrol of guards, mostly wolves of the jungle, passed by, not noticing the dark figure crouching into the shadows.

    He continued on his way up the paved hillside, and then out into a great, open space. He had to be careful here lest he be seen, and, indeed, careful he was.

    He finally moved into the black shadow of a great stone wall, sighing …

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