• Greenfield the Warrior


    • Lopper, a hare with big ears and shows skill with a blade. Uses the sword of Martin the Warrior (in the war)
    • Lord Oak, the badger ruler. Uses a large, engraved axe.
    • Greenfield, an expirenced warrior who has killed a horde leader. Uses dirks (see The Long Patrol )
    • Abbot Berchon, a young (for an abbot) mouse who sticks to the code of Redwall. No weapons.
    • Straper, a perilous hare who is skilled with bows, slings, and throwing knives. Uses a longbow, a sling, and a set of knives.
    • Urthpaw, the Formole of Redwall, he used to live in the north and is thus expirenced with battle structures. Uses his powerful digging claws.
    • Sarton, a hare who can build catupults and basilitas. Uses a large war hammer.
    • Sargon, Sarton's brother, is a battle tested …
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