Far far away from Redwall, across the great westren ocean, acoss the Land Of Ice And Snow, was a land called Alaska. The ruler of Alaska was a giant beast, of a clan the woodlanders called huskys. The King husky was of a large sort, called Greyring The Fair.
 Greyring had his name because he had a grey ring around his neck. He had many subjects,such as, squirrels, pikas, hares, rabbits and an old porcupine. The land was peaceful until Saqex Clawbane came to Greyring's kingdom. Saqex Clawbane was a fearsome wolf, with an massive army of wolverines, foxes, martens and a lynx genral named Sclark. Saqex was a captain of a good sized vermin fleet of three galleys. On the day Saqex came to Alaska, Greyring was having a great feast

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