• Gulo taggerung

    It was 10 seasons prior to gulo's raid on redwall and everything was going good. Until one day tergen the goshawk came flying to redwall with every long patrol hare and lady melesme. All were terrified. Tam walked out to greet them. "What is it tergen?" he asked. Lady melesme answered for him. " IT is something horrifying from the land of ice and snow! Martin's sword won't help you at all! " she screamed. Tam repied, " Land of ice and snow eh, Like a wolverine, a wolf, a giant evil walking stone what?" Tergen spoke for the first time since he got there." Krekaw! A full army of wolves and something bigger. You must leave Redwall or your gonna die. It is looing to rule rewall

    Deathgaze was the beast they would face and he was bigger than …

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