It was 10 seasons prior to gulo's raid on redwall and everything was going good. Until one day tergen the goshawk came flying to redwall with every long patrol hare and lady melesme. All were terrified. Tam walked out to greet them. "What is it tergen?" he asked. Lady melesme answered for him. " IT is something horrifying from the land of ice and snow! Martin's sword won't help you at all! " she screamed. Tam repied, " Land of ice and snow eh, Like a wolverine, a wolf, a giant evil walking stone what?" Tergen spoke for the first time since he got there." Krekaw! A full army of wolves and something bigger. You must leave Redwall or your gonna die. It is looing to rule rewall

Deathgaze was the beast they would face and he was bigger than a wolverine. He had brown grizzly fur, his face and size where unbearable. With an army of wolves at his command the thing was a true nightmare. He looked like a very big cat with a hare tail and rounded ears. Yes redwall had yet to meet it's match, they were facing a bear.

That next morning tegen screeched " Krawwwwwwww Deathgaze is coming run run!" then he flew away back to salamandastron where it was safe. Deathgaze roared at redwall " Prepare to meet thy maker!" and he climbed up the wall killing all in his way and jumped into the lawn.

Seasons went on with deathgaze as redwall's leader. However every redwaller refuged at salamandastron. Until doogy plumm had an idea. " Tergen mah friend you will go down to the northlands, bring back an army o birds like eagles we'll destroy this bear." Tergen agreed to this. Weeks later tergen came back with the biggest birds any of them had ever seen. So on went the attack.

Deathgaze didn't expect to die that day he and his wolve army fought like madbeasts but only brought down a few. A wolve called redgut deathgazes commander of the army had three eagles on him and only one eye. Not one wolf was left to see what would happen to there leader no one really even expected how he died. tergen and mudge the mole dibbun both were on him like leeches. Mudge actually tore both his ears off and tergen shoved martin's sword into his heart and he fell like an oak.

Abbot humble and lady melesme both agreed to the hares and redwallers not to tell anyone of these past seasons. And so the eagles flew away and nobody ever spoke of those horrible seasons. In the end none of this ever happend on records of redwall.

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