• GulotheSavage

    Chapter 1 -- The Frosty Breath.

    The Land of Ice and Snow lay in the clutch of early winter. The sky turning grey with the coming of night. Gulo’s huge paws crushed the snow as he walked along in a hurry, his two score guard trundling on in his wake. Gulo shouted out his orders.

    ‘ If you don’t find them slaves it will be you, who will serve me!’.

    Gulo stopped to look at the slaves tracks the guards stumbled though the snow stopping at the edge of a snow draped forest. The guards looked into it with hesitation. The ermine captain called to Gulo.

    ‘Prince Gulo!, They have gone into the Forest of Death, shall we follow?’.

    Gulo’s claws ripped the tree bark with anger. He swung for the ermine captain hitting him hard into a tree trunk, killing him in…

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