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Deathclaw Of Ice And Snow

This is a fan fiction story by High Queen Ziral. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.


Stemaria Deathclaw was a different type of vermin, for she was a snow leopard from the Land of Ice and Snow. She was a beautiful creature with crystal-clear blue eyes. She wears a midnight blue cloak, golden pawrings, a silver hoop earring, and a faded tattoo on her right forepaw, as she was a corsair. Stelmaria was captain of the Bloodseeker, but she gave up the seafairing life after her ship sank and crew died. She later formed a horde and captured slaves. She forced them to build a huge fortress. Despite her beauty, Stelmaria Deathclaw is an evil creature. And nothing will stop her from coming to Redwall...]

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