• High Rhulain Khera
    In the last season at Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Woods,all the Dibbuns were good and very helpful,so the elders are making a party for them called "Helpful Dibbuns". The left them upstairs in a dorm with Skipper Wildlough,his sister Bella,their much older brother Conele. The babes were mad because they couldn't go downstairs.
    "Miz Belle,woy cun't we go downstairs?"asked mousemaid Jayna.
    Bella quickly responded."The elders are talking. They don't want to be disturbed."Bella was stopped when Skipper pulled her aside.
    "Why did Abbot Modifus leave us with them all?"asked Skipper. He didn't like being with unwarrior-like creatures.
    "Miz Bella,wot's that?"Jayna's brother Henry interrupted. He was pointing to a breastplate,a kilt,a green …
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  • High Rhulain Khera

    This will be deleted! I'm going to rewrite it! So don't worry!!--Princess Khera Wildlough

    A otterwife limped slowly as she held her Dibbun daughter. The babe cried for food,but the otterwife had none. Two deep holes in the her leg showed she had been bitten by a snake;the poison was slowly killing her.
    "Please dear,stop crying! Momma has no food. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!"the otterwife screamed in pain as she touched her leg and fell. Blood came out like a stream.
    "Miss what has happened to you?"asked another ottermaid as she came out the bushes.
    The dieing wife looked up." High Queen Rhulain Tiria Wildlough. babe."she said,giving Tiria the babe. The otter babe's little gray eyes stared at Tiria as if she would to her mother.

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