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    The other day, I was playing Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and I was thinking, there has to be resemblances between the two. So here is the resemblances I found between Redwall and Kingdom Hearts:

    Exhibit A: The fact that the Keyblade chose Sora in Kingdom Hearts closely resembles the fact that the sword of Martin chooses its wielders. It's kind of funny now that I think about it.

    Exhibit B: The flashy style that Deyna and other characters have all their own when it comes to their weapons closely resembles that of the flashy (but twice as awesome, to be truthful) fighting style that Keyblade Wielders have when they are using their Keyblades.

    That's all I had thought of as far as resemblances go, the diffeences are clearly seen when you read Re…
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  • Hjonathon225

    Hjonathon225 21:38, November 10, 2010 (UTC) I have to say, these names Brian Jacques comes up with are getting more intriguing the more he writes. Matthias, one of his first characters, was an awesome name. But one thing crossed my mind when I read all the Redwall novels over and over again: What does Matthias mean? What word is this name derived from? The answer became clear when I had looked it up on a certain website. The name Mathias comes from the word "Dragon Slayer" in the ancient German terminology. I couldn't believe it, but I thought about it and realized that Cluny was Matthias's dragon (hypothetically speaking) and I though since this is what it meant that if you put Matthias in a dragon-related fan fic, he would fit right in. …

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    I hope you don't mind me going on about how much I like Redwall. Where should I begin? Ah yes. My addiction to Redwall began when I was 7. I couldn't really understand the concept of how animals were the heroes of most literary works back then. Almost 10 years ago on this very day, I was at home watching Spider-man, when my older brother, Gary, comes to sit on the couch, with Redwall in his hand. I asked him what it was about, and he said that it was...well you know what it was about. Anyway, I was so intrigued with the concept of a mouse fighting evil, I wanted to check it out from my own library. Unfortunately, I was in the 2nd grade at the time and they would not allow me to read it without a parent's approval. So I went home and told m…

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