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    The Bridge

    August 9, 2011 by Hollyfire53

    Another fanfic?! Holly, stop doing this to yourself! Well, this is one I've been writing for a while, but on the RFFW (come join us!). In fact, the updates here will not be real-time. In other words, to make sure you get every update when they happen, follow this on that Wiki! I'm just posting this here to see what reaction it gets :D I'll post the updates on here after about five on there. :) Enjoy.

    Oh, yeah. P.S. This was inspired by the book Twilight by Erin Hunter. It's a Warriors' book. You'll see the similarities soon :)

    To my dear friends on the Redwall FanFiction wiki, Spaw, Sale, Skip, and Fenna. :)

    Thanks to dear Sale for all her help. The following characters are hers, given to me:

    • Violet Deepwater
    • Siri Blackstreak

    From the Journal and Mem…

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  • Hollyfire53

    The Avenger's Daughter

    October 20, 2010 by Hollyfire53

    I know, I know. But this story is nearly half-finished (but not that much is posted), and Chap. 1 was asking to be posted... just want to see how it is received... beyond groans at yet another FF by Holly ;)

    This story is dedicated to two of my friends in real life, who make me feel equal because I'm not like the other girls, even though they're boys and I'm a girl :D Thank you, and I hope they know who they are.

    A dark shape collapsed on the ground, his scythe slipped out of his paw. He looked up into the face of death itself, a snarling mask of cold vengeance. For once, his eyes searched someone else's, looking for mercy. For once, he found none. For once, he found only a burning desire in the eyes- to kill him. He was shocked by what that…

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  • Hollyfire53

    The Ultimate War

    July 28, 2010 by Hollyfire53

    These updates are dedicated to Thorny's mother :) Thanks for being a fan :)

    With a loud bang!, thunder shoved it's way through the skies, and released itself as lightning, which lit up the barren world below. A large, black fortress stood below, with it's grisly flags waving. A shape sat; it was dark and mysterious. The shape sighed, content. “The storm rages, Captain Rakepaw. Cannot you understand the power of it?”
    A short, grey-furred rat shook his head. He had dark, cunning eyes, and wore a tattered cloak and a belt that held his dagger and cutlass. “On'ee yew unnerstand th'igher things, Lord Shadowbane.”
    Bang! Another bolt of lightning lit up the sky, and Rakepaw saw his master, although he didn't need to. He had faithfully served his mast…

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  • Hollyfire53

    Welcome to my character request! Here is where I will request certain characters, and I will love you forever if you please give them to me (because then I won't have to use that useless thing in my head that's called a brain, I think, to create them myself. You can't call me lazy, I'm the one writing the story, lol) :* JUST KIDDING! But I will be very happy if you can please give them to me *puppy eyes*

    Guide is here, regular char list is here, and actual story is here!!!

    • One to two high-ranking hare officials; preferably one male, one female Thanks, Neildown, and Laria
    • One Major- male, please. Thanks, Hyena
    • Two Three to four lower-ranking hare officials; any gender. Thanks, Bluestripe, and Thornclaw
    • Five Three Two privates; At least one male. Than…

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  • Hollyfire53

    Think of Me

    July 9, 2010 by Hollyfire53

    Yep, I've been left this by Merl, and I will do my best to finish it loyally. :) The original is here.

    Martin grasped Rose’s hand. He looked over the hill towards Marshank and took a deep breath. “This is it, Rose, this is the day we’ll free all those slaves and rid the world of Badrang.” He smiled at her.

    “Yes, Martin, I know you will. Just be careful, and… when all this is finally over…” Martin put a hand on Rose’s shoulder. “I’ll be by your side, same as always.”

    She smiled at him and tweaked his nose. “Yes, but more. We’ll be able to enjoy it, without you always thinking about Badrang.” Her face fell from sweet smirk to concern. “You think about him too much. Promise me something, Martin.”

    Martin grasped her hands. “What? Anything, Rose, …

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