Dear Journal,

I have never had so much happen at one time in my entire life! It was intense and heroic at the same time. Well it starts out like this-I was just coming out into a clearing from the marsh when I saw them. The bravest beasts in the land. The Long Patrol. Then I relized that they were in the heat of battle. Gravely out numbered too. With my bow I thuoght this would be my chance to prove my self. As I took aim I spotted a colonel. And creeping right be hind him was the most wretched looking weasle that has ever walked on land. Without thinking I shot. He dropped almost instantly. I picked off a few more, and before I knew it the battle is won. I met the colonel, and he thanked me for saving his life. It turns out those vermin were notorious corsairs and searats. I told them I was looking to join. They said they were heading to Salamandastron and they would love to bring me to there. Now I know that I said I would write when I got to the moutain but I had to write this now. This time I will write when I get to the mountain.

Remy Faremort

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