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October 16, 2009
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    As we apporach the holiday season, so do the Redwallers. But, what sort of holiday do they celebrate anyway? Intrigued by this question, I made up a grand holiday celebration by conbining all sorts of different holidays celebrated by different religions. See if you can find all of the holiday traditions! Happy holidays everyone!

    The wind whistled wistfully as it wound its fingers through Nells’ sable brown fur. He bundled his worn blankey closer to his body, for he was dreadfully cold in the winter storm. The Dibbun otter’s’ big green eyes were searching the woodlands, but it was very hard to do, on account of the falling snow. Little Nells, like any otter, loved the snow, and he wanted to catch every single snowflake on his tiny pink tongu…

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  • Hyzenthlay of Redwall


    December 5, 2009 by Hyzenthlay of Redwall

    The primroses were long over, and it certainly was summer. A beautiful mousemaid—only in her early twenties—raced to the one she loved. “Martin, wait for me!” she called as she caught up with him.

    He turned around. The mouse, also in his early twenties, could clearly be recognized as a warrior, for this was Martin, son of Luke the Warrior. Martin stared into the beauty of the maid’s eyes, her beautiful hazel eyes. Martin loved those eyes, for they were the windows to the soul of his beloved friend Rose. “Yes?” he answered retrospectively.

     “You truly are a hero, Martin. Just think of it—you were once a slave in the curse of Marshank, and here you stand, with a full army at your feet to destroy the accused place. But you have to promise me so…

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  • Hyzenthlay of Redwall

    In Loamhedge we were told of a brave mousemaid named Sister Amyl, who was wheelchair bound during a plague brought on by vermin. She stayed behind when all of the Brothers and Sisters of Loamhedge left for Brockhall. Yet, as if by magic, she could walk and continued to travel with her friends! But who was she, what was she like? How did she come to lose the strength in her legs? And how did she come to walk again? This story will reveal it all—happiness and suffering, life and death, love and refusal, and the ultimate sacrifice.

    It is my job to explore the unknown, and explain it as it is.

    The primroses were over, and summer was certainly on its way. Peace and tranquility blanketed the meadow. Suddenly, disturbing the peace, a petite, slende…

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  • Hyzenthlay of Redwall

    Everybody knows the story of Martin the Warrior. He grew up in slavery on verman land ruled by a tyrant, gathered and army, fought back, and became the legend. We also know that Martin had a lover, Laterose of Noonvale. She was killed in the battle of Marshank, and because of her the book is regarded as a tragidy. Many people claim they "cried all day and night" after Rose died. I, on the other hand, did not cry, and had no feelings over the matter. As a matter of fact, when Badrang threw Rose against the wall, I didn't even think she died! Since this was one of my first Redwall books and I just assumed all good characters lived, I thought, "oh, Rose will be fine! She's probably just knocked out! That's good, then everyone will think she's…

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