Everybody knows the story of Martin the Warrior. He grew up in slavery on verman land ruled by a tyrant, gathered and army, fought back, and became the legend. We also know that Martin had a lover, Laterose of Noonvale. She was killed in the battle of Marshank, and because of her the book is regarded as a tragidy. Many people claim they "cried all day and night" after Rose died. I, on the other hand, did not cry, and had no feelings over the matter. As a matter of fact, when Badrang threw Rose against the wall, I didn't even think she died! Since this was one of my first Redwall books and I just assumed all good characters lived, I thought, "oh, Rose will be fine! She's probably just knocked out! That's good, then everyone will think she's dead and leave her alone for the remainder of the battle, so she'll be fine!" Wrong. And even on the next page, when Brome reveals he's taking the body of Rose home, I just thought, "oh, she died," and went on with the book. I think it is because Martin and Rose never showed their feelings towards each other that much, and if they did it wasn't a big deal. I only had an inkling that they even liked each other. Is that unsentimental? Do I have no feelings? Has this ever happened to you? Did you cry when Rose died? Please comment....I think there's something wrong with me!

  • I did cry in the TV series when Rose died. This is because Nelvana did a reprise of "You Will Find me in Noonvale" song.
  • I cried during other character deaths, though--Shogg, and Finbarr come to mind, but I'm sure there were others

By writing this Blog, guess I am responsible for making people cry. I am sorry, so I guess I'll just cry too  :(  --Hyzenthlay of Redwall 19:34, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

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