• I'mangry

    Bounder faced the huge walling creature boldly, basket in paw. “Well, go on, bite me!’ he challenged. “Come on, I’m waiting. Defend your master’s property!”

    Infuriated, the large black dog lunged. Seizing the heavy rib-bone from beside the water-dish, the young cottontail struck a direct blow that rattled the sharp canines. An odd number shattered to the ground. With a silent moan, the black dog shut its lips painfully, sinking to the ground with its head between its paws, exposing an array of deep scars. Bounder regarded him with truculent satisfaction. “There, I suppose you won’t be trying to bite of any our clan again!” And with that, he turned, picked up his basket, and sauntered off. Bounder was not like many rabbits of his breed-t…

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