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    Another year, another research paper. And once again, I did it on Brian Jacques (I go to a different school now, so it doesn't matter that I'm doing it again). A little more detailed this time, I had to read two of his books, do summaries and critiques of each and a compare/contrast paper, along with researching him.

    Oh well. Here we go...

    The Angel's Command, by Brian Jacques, is a sequel to a book about an immortal boy and his dog traveling the world to help people in need. Ben and his black Labrador Ned are castaways of the cursed pirate ship The Flying Dutchman. When an angel came to save them, they received eternal young age and the ability to speak to each other through telepathy. In the beginning, The Angel's Command is set in 16…

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    Waves crashed upon the beach. A ship lay wrecked on the western shores, north of Salamandastron. Near the wreck, a bloody mass was on the ground. Fargon, Son of the great wildcat King Julian the tenth, was dead.

    He had been slain by his younger brother.

    Terraz the Wild!

    All who heard the name felt fear, for the name was fear, and it's owner, a hundred times as fearsome. Legends came from across the sea about a wildcat who would let nothing stand in the way of his lust for blood. To prove this, he had slain his elder brother.

    Or had he? For the Wildcat's carcass was stirring.

    Fargon was alive!

    Barely breathing, Fargon heaved himself upright. His fur was matted and soaked in blood. His left ear was missing. But Fargon had a mission to acco…

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    fan fiction

    May 21, 2010 by I Am That Is

    I will soon be starting a Fan fiction called The Wildcat's Revenge. Check for further posts titled:The Wildcat's Revenge: chapter 1-??

    Scratch that last. It will all be on one page, and check it whenever you feel like it.

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    Brian Jacques Researching the Writer

     Redwall is, in my opinion, the best book series I have read. Brian Jacques is the author of this amazing series. However, until I started researching for this paper, I did not know that he is as interesting as his books. For example, I didn’t know that he has two sons, or that he has two brothers, or that Brian was his middle name, James being his first. Huh, and I thought I was a big Redwall fan!

    Other than writing, Brian did many different jobs. When he was fifteen he left school to go to sea. He became a merchant seaman and sailed from Liverpool. Afterwards he seemed to know and love the sea: the colors, the moods, and the weather driven risks of it. Having read all but one of his books, I know…

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    Research paper

    May 19, 2010 by I Am That Is

    I am doing a research paper for school on Brian Jacques. I will post it here when I am done. Thank you to any one who has posted info on Mr. Jacques that I will use.

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