• I live in In a shrine in Mossflower
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Forest Spirit
  • I am Male
  • Ice-storm

    The Storm

    August 12, 2012 by Ice-storm

    When fox king Aller Clawslash sets eyes on Redwall abbey as a barracks for his vast army, as well as Mossflower woods as an expansion to his kingdom (Nanta-de-kapuuna), the citizens of Redwall are captured and masacred by the day. However, help comes from the most unlikely of places; an assassin who lusts for Aller's kingdom, a tribe of shamans who frequently offer beasts as sacrifices to the "Gods", and...the legendary spirit of Mossflower Winter known as Ice-storm.

    Will Aller Clawslash be defeated? Or will Mossflower be annexed to the kingdom of Nanta-de-kapuuna?

    The wind blew. The fire flickered out. Mossflower Woods was covered in snow, for it was the winter season. Redwall Abbey mourned, for vermin had taken their young ones, the dibbun…

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