• Iridian Starblade

    Oberik Thundersong soared high above the thick mist obscuring the roiling ocean below. The majestic albatross listened to the raucous cries of wheeling seabirds and the crashing waves along the rocky tide line. He knew he was nearing the land he patiently sought and soon, tall rocks stood firm above the swirling chaos of seamist. Patches of surging water could soon be seen where the impervious fog thinned out. As he flew onward toward the land, Oberik thought of his old friends who lived here. It had been a long time since he had last visited these shores,due to his natural longing to see new places, and visit foreign lands. Now, after many seasons, he was coming home. By now, the open sea was behind him and he was flying over a narrow roc…

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